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We know that chartering a yacht can be time-consuming, that quality is variable, and what you want to take for Event finding the perfect yacht is not easy, we give personalized proposal of boat (s) that will meet your requirements and needs and it is easy way to explore the destination with a new style.

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  • Film/Video shooting in Goa
  • Luxury yacht in Goa
  • Birthday party on a yacht in Goa
  • Wedding Anniversary in Goa
  • Honeymoon in Goa
  • Romantic evening private yacht charter in Goa
  • Luxury yacht in Goa
  • Speedboat in Goa
  • Corporate events in Goa
  • Water sports in Goa
  • Customized/tailor maid yacht and speedboat tours in Goa

We also design custom-built package to exactly suit your requirement, please elucidate more on what you exactly have in your mind so we enable to design your cruise and price accordingly.

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